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The Fitafy App Builds Healthy Relationships

Fitafy App

Fitness-focused Fitafy dating Fitafy app Fitafy is revolutionising romance. Founders Stephen Mansfield and Cem Miral created the app after chats with gym buddies who were struggling to find a partner who shared their healthy lifestyle.

Rather than focusing on weight or shape, Fitafy matches couples based on fitness levels, mutual interests and diet preferences. And with safety in mind, gold-standard selfie facial recognition software identifies your identity with a blue tick against catfishing.

1. It’s free

The Fitafy App Builds Healthy Relationships

In the modern age, people are increasingly focusing on their health and fitness. This has led to the rise of various dating apps that cater to health-conscious singles. Unlike the many other dating apps that are based on useless general information and irrelevant questions, Fitafy focuses on analyzing their members’ diet and fitness habits so they can find the best matches for them.

According to a recent survey, around 100 per cent of respondents agree that a partner’s fitness level is the most important factor when choosing a life partner or soulmate. That’s why Fitafy has become one of the most popular dating and relationship apps among health-conscious people who want to meet their life partner based on lifestyle interests and fitness levels.

Designed in Perth, Australia, the app was created to solve a common problem for health-conscious people looking for love – finding a match who shares their passion for fitness and wellbeing. Founders Stephen Mansfield and Cem Miral say they are committed to changing the online dating game by placing health and wellbeing at its core.

The app is free to download and it can be used to meet and chat with people who share your health and fitness goals. It also allows you to share your workout schedule and connect with people who are interested in meeting up at the gym or other health-related activities.

Fitafy App
Fitafy App

It’s a safe and friendly platform for fitness-conscious singles to meet their match and start building meaningful connections that last. Safety is embedded into the app, with gold-standard selfie facial recognition software confirming your identity and protecting against catfishing.

There are thousands of active members on the platform who are looking for good matches and friendships. They don’t discriminate based on any economic status, race, gender, age or sexual orientation and they believe in making human connections simple and long-lasting.

Whether you’re searching for a friend or something more, the app is free to use and it can be downloaded in multiple languages. You can also access its additional features by subscribing to its $30-monthly plan. You can manage your subscription and switch off auto-renewal by logging into your Account Settings in the app.

2. It’s safe

The Fitafy App Builds Healthy Relationships

A new dating app that matches fitness lovers is taking the world by storm. Launched in Australia by former WAFL footballer Stephen Mansfield and tech entrepreneur Cem Miral, The Fitafy App is a modern take on traditional dating and relationships that puts reality back into the process.

Unlike other dating apps, The Fitafy App doesn’t discriminate against anyone based on weight, appearance, or skin color. Instead, it prioritizes fitness level, mutual interest, diet preference, and health goals to create long-term relationships that are healthy in every sense.

Mansfield says the app is a game changer for the fitness community, and it’s helped to connect many of its members with their soulmates. It’s now available in the UK and will launch in the US later this year, with Series A funding fuelling its growth.

In its first nine months, the app has amassed 11 million swipes, 400,000 messages and 300,000 matches. During that time, two couples have even made their engagements, proving that this isn’t just another hook-up app – it’s a way to build a lifelong connection with someone who shares the same values and lifestyle.

Its unique features streamline the search for a match, boosting your odds of finding a fit partner. Detailed filters allow you to share your favourite activities, dietary preferences and fitness levels on your profile. Safety is embedded into the app, with gold-standard selfie facial recognition software confirming your identity with a blue tick to protect against catfishing.

The app also connects to your other fitness apps and devices, so you can share activities and goals with potential partners. You can show your recent activity in Apple Watch, Fitbit, Strava and Google Health, or display average calories burned per day, calorie intake, and other metrics.

Users can also participate in AI-powered question and answer sessions that help to build a strong, enticing profile. The questions are related to your favorite exercise moves, fitness journey, and real-life inspiration.

Fitafy App
Fitafy App

The app also offers optional premium features that you can subscribe to if you want to get the most out of your experience. These subscriptions automatically renew unless you turn them off at least 24 hours before the end of your current period. You can manage your subscriptions and switch off auto-renewal in your Account Settings after purchase.

3. It’s fun

Whether you’re looking to meet up for a drink or find a long-term partner, The Fitafy App is the best way to do it. It’s the only app that connects you with other fitness-minded singles who share your love of health and wellness!

Fitafy is a dating app designed for fitness enthusiasts that was created in Perth, Australia by former Australian rules footballer Stephen Mansfield and tech professional Cem Miral. Their goal was to create a dating app that would help people in the fitness community to find love, and they’ve delivered on that promise.

Their app features a number of unique functions and uses bespoke filters to help you filter for the right match for you. You can also integrate your Apple Watch, Fitbit, Strava and Google Health accounts to display a snapshot of your active lifestyle, from average calories burned per day down to the time and distance you’ve just completed your latest workout.

Aside from the above-mentioned best-of-the-class gimmicks, there’s one other feature that stands out from the crowd – and that is the fact that this app is a whole lot of fun! In fact, it’s so much fun that the company has already amassed 11 million swipes, 400,000 messages and 300,000 matches in its first nine months of operation.

The Fitafy app is free to download and can be used for as long as you like, and there are optional premium features that allow you to customize your experience. These can be purchased in the app store or at the Fitafy website.

The app is a winner and has been hailed the best app in its class by many a well-respected industry expert, from sportswear brands to dating gurus. They’ve even secured a few high-profile endorsements from top name brands such as Nike and Adidas.

4. It’s easy

There are a number of dating apps out there, but only one is specifically designed to match couples based on their fitness and dietary preferences. It’s called The Fitafy App and it’s Australia’s first.

The app is a match-making service that uses AI-matching technology to help you find someone who shares your health and fitness interests. It’s a safe, fun way to meet other singles who share your values and love of fitness.

It’s free to use and is completely anonymous, so you don’t have to worry about being judged for your appearance or lifestyle. You can even opt to get a personalized recommendation of matches, or receive alerts when someone you are interested in ‘likes’ or ‘winks’ at your profile.

You can also connect your account to other fitness apps and devices, including Apple Watch, Fitbit, Strava, and Google Health, so you can display a snapshot of your active lifestyle on your profile, right down to average calories burned per day or the time and distance of your most recent activity.

When you meet someone through the app, you can send them a direct message and chat with them. The app makes the initial communication process a breeze and helps you build a strong foundation for a long-lasting relationship.

Fitafy also takes feedback from its community very seriously and continues to improve its app interface and functionality. Its mission is to be a top-rated dating site for health-conscious people, and it has already experienced massive growth in its first year of operation.

This Australian-first app has been created by a group of fitness enthusiasts who have been asking for a platform where they can find someone with similar interests and goals. The app is not just for those who are ‘big and chunky’ or’skinny and tall,’ but for anyone who is ‘into yoga’ or ‘loves bushwalking’, too.

Its co-founders, former Australian rules footballer Stephen Mansfield and tech professional Cem Miral, were inspired by their conversations with gym friends who had been ‘kicking fitness goals’ while their love lives stood still. With statistics showing that 54 per cent of couples in 2020 met online, they knew there was huge demand for a match-making service that could take the hassle out of finding your perfect partner.

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